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September 2021

We are happy to announce the start of the CITY PARK Homes construction process in Zone B, Veliko Tarnovo.

Construction stageGroundbreaking

The complex building is located in a picturesque place with amazing panorama views.

City Park Homes complex is a 2-section building (Section A and Section B), 4 residential storeys each. City Park Homes offers variety of units created and developed by a team of proven professionals.


Section A Specification:

GFA /Gross floor area/: 343,40 sq. m

GEA /gross external area/ section A: 2054,20 sq. m

Gross site area: 2054,00 sq. m

Architecturally the building adds a contemporary chic to the atmosphere of the neighborhood with stylish and clean lines, wonderful color synchrony of the structural plaster. 

The project conception conceived to combine modern and distinctive vision, quality construction, comfort and security.

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