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Многофамилна жилищна сграда “Тракия” – гр. Габрово

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Our ambitious project, which is starting in the city of Gabrovo at 5 Trakia Street, combines an attractive location in the central part of the city, together with modern solutions and an innovative vision without an analogue in the city. 

Functionally, the building has one entrance and a total of 10 apartments, with the distribution of the apartments on the first, second and third floors being identical, while the fourth residential floor is designed for a penthouse. 

Parking in the building is solved with a semi-underground floor, which has 9 indoor parking spaces and another 7 outdoor parking spaces. 

The building has a simplistic look, with 3 apartments per floor, with one bedroom and various possibilities for combining.

The apartments are sold in the state of completion according to BDS - plaster and screed, armored entrance doors, high-quality joinery, external thermal insulation, installed switches and sockets.

We offer the possibility of joining an established Internet and TV provider. 


Construction design: skeleton reinforced concrete with monolithic execution. External enclosing walls of 25 cm thick ceramic bricks.


Facade and Cladding: The facades will be filled with tinted silicate plaster. Internal partition walls will be of 12 cm thick brick. 

Partial HPL cladding for a detailed finish.


Roof construction: The roof at elevation +11.60 m will be flat, designed as a beamless slab with beams on the periphery and a concrete board. Drainage is internal by means of funnels. 


Water and sanitation: The site will be supplied with drinkable water from the existing city water supply and will drain into the existing city system. 


Entrance doors: High-class armored entrance doors.


Separate niches on the facade Split system air conditioners are provided for all living spaces, and the installation of the external units is coordinated with the architectural part. The sanitary facilities are equipped with electric radiators or similar. 


Heating, ventilation, air and conditioning /HVAC/: All living spaces are designed with natural ventilation through openable windows. Separate axial fans with non-return valve are provided for the sanitary rooms, which are switched on by a key when necessary. 


Landscape architecture: A designed asphalt site in front of the entrance to the garages at an elevation of -3.00, the construction of three retaining walls is planned. Drainage of surface water is to landscaping areas and design linear drains. 



Apartment size:from 89 sq. m. to 94 sq. m.


GEA /gross external area/: 1410,05 sq. m


Gross site area: 594 sq. m
застроена площ: 278,88 sq.m


Apartments: 10


Car parking spaces: 16


Storeys: 5 (4 residential floors and 1 semi-underground)


Construction type: Reinforced-concrete structure, brick-built.